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Healthcare, NHS, Nursing & Care
NHS Nand 7
Southend on Sea
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Job Description:

HOURS-37.50 a week


ACCOUNTABLE TO: Centre Manager


The post holder will be an experienced nurse who has worked in Primary Care or other relevant area of nursing. The ability to manage chronic diseases, childhood immunisations, cervical cytology and travel advice are essential skills required for this post. There are great development opportunities to complete extra training in minor illness management, prescribing and advanced assessment skills.

The post holder will assist in the assessment and development of the service as well as monitoring and maintaining the highest professional standards. The post holder will act in such a manner at all times to promote confidence and trust, and uphold the image of the nursing profession and the Berkshire East Trust.


Medical Staff / GP’s Nurse Practitioner / Emergency Care Practitioners / Practice Nurses Lead Nurse Infection control Team Governance Team Patients and their families / carers Front Desk Administrators Operations Manager Centre Manager



• To provide nursing services to patients, including treatment, screening and advice. To run chronic disease clinics for patients. • To run special clinics for patients including, child health surveillance, Vaccinations, cervical cytology. • To undertake diagnostic tests including blood glucose monitoring, PEFR and urine analysis. • To advise on and supervise patients’ use of devices including MDIs, PEFR meters, urinary diagnostic stix, blood glucose monitoring and nebulisers. • To provide ear syringing, treatment for cuts and bruises, dressings of wounds and leg ulcers and removal of sutures. • To provide immunisations for all ages and diseases and to know the contra-indications and side effects of vaccinations. • To provide immunisations and health advice to patients travelling abroad. • To provide telephone advice to patients and occasional home visits where appropriate and within levels of competence. • To keep up to date with resuscitation techniques. • To maintain the nursing room in good order Any other duties within competencies .


• To adhere to the NMC Professional code of conduct • To ensure accurate recording of all consultations and treatments • Ensure accurate collection of activity data within the Centre to enable audit and evaluation of the service. • To ensure that training needs are met and to keep professionally updated to maintain best practice. • Attend and keep up to date with all appropriate statuory and mandatory training. • Participate in the appraisal process as appraisee and appraiser • Attend and participate in all Centre meetings as required • Participate in the development of effective liaison with outside contacts eg, GPs Social Services, Police. • To ensure the Centre becomes a learning and forward thinking environment to meet its health promotion agenda.


• Act as a teacher, mentor and facilitator to other nurses • To participate in training programmes and the formulation of nursing protocols as required.

DISCLOSURE OF CRIMINAL BACKGROUND All NHS employers are required to check with the Criminal Records Bureau the possible criminal background of staff and volunteers who apply for work with vulnerable patients or patient information.

It is a requirement of this post that a enhanced CRB check be undertaken, and successful applicants will be asked to complete and sign a Disclosure Form giving permission for the screening to take place.

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with Berkshire East Community Health Services. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of offences.

Please note applicants refusing to sign the form will not be progressed further.

GENERAL This post is one of continual development. The job description is intended as a guide to the principle duties and responsibilities of the post and complements individual objectives set in line with the department’s annual business objectives. Responsibilities will be reviewed periodically in line with service priorities and duties may change or new duties be introduced after consultation with the post holder.

FLEXIBILITY It is expected that all staff will develop flexible working practices both within Berkshire East Community Health Services and within the public health network and at other organisation levels as appropriate, to be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of working within a changing NHS.

MOBILITY The post holder will be expected to work at any establishment at any time throughout the duration of their contract, within the location of Berkshire East Community Health Services, as agreed with the post holder.

HEALTH AND SAFETY Berkshire East Community Health Services attaches the greatest importance to the health and safety of employees. You are expected to make yourself aware of and comply with Berkshire East Community Health Services and departmental Health and Safety policies, a copy of which is retained in your department by your manager.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Berkshire East Community Health Services may at any time require you to attend an appointment for a medical examination by Berkshire East Community Health Services nominated medical advisers.

PATIENT SAFETY Patient safety is integral to the work of Berkshire East Community Health Services, and all staff are expected to contribute to the embedding of a culture of quality in the organisation. Berkshire East Community Health Services aims to be a centre of excellence where self-assessment and performance benchmarking continually takes place from the Board through to healthcare teams who have day-to-day contact with patients. As part of our commitment to patient safety, all staff are expected to engage in the reporting of adverse incidents and ‘near misses’, and can expect the organisation to demonstrate a culture of ‘fair blame’, where a high level of openness and trust is paramount. Allied to this is a commitment to robust risk management policies where potential harm is identified, knowledge shared and standards of safety raised. Through this every member of the organisation, and the organisation as a corporate body can continue to learn, share learning and improve the quality of care provided.

SAFEGUARDING AND PROMOTING THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN Berkshire East Community Health Services is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. This is defined as protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of children’s health or development and ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.

CLINICAL GOVERNANCE Berkshire East Community Health Services aims to provide the highest standards of care. To further this aim you are expected to adhere to acceptable working practice as defined in Community Health Services policies and guidelines. You also have a personal responsibility and an accountability to your team and service to keep yourself up to date and, if you encounter unacceptable practice, to raise it or deal with it through accepted channels.

INFECTION CONTROL The prevention and control of infection is a core issue in Berkshire East Community Health Services clinical governance, managing risk and patient safety programmes. In consequence, all employees are expected to:

i. Follow consistently high standards of infection control practice, especially with reference to hand hygiene and aseptic techniques, ii. Be aware of all Community Health Services infection control guidelines and procedures relevant to their work iii. Attend mandatory prevention and control of infection training

CONFIDENTIALITY During the course of your employment you may see, hear or have some access to, information on matters of a confidential nature relating to Berkshire East Community Health Services or to the health and personal affairs of patients and staff. Under no circumstances should such information be divulged or passed on to any unauthorised person(s) or organisations.

DATA PROTECTION Information should be obtained, processed, and/or held on a computer in a fair and lawful way, and data should only be held for the specified registered purpose. Data should only be disclosed to authorised persons or organisations.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Berkshire East Community Health Service is committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal opportunity in employment. All employees have a responsibility to ensure that they understand, comply with and promote the Equal Opportunities Policy, avoiding behaviours which discriminate against colleagues, potential employees, clients or patients on the grounds of sex, marital status, race, age, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or disability.

NO SMOKING POLICY Berkshire East Community Health Services has a No Smoking Policy, which does not allow smoking by staff or visitors on any Community Health Services premises.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES During your employment you are required to adhere to the policies and procedures of Berkshire East Community Health Services, and all such policies are available on Berkshire East Community Health Services intranet site.

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