Published: 20/04/2016

In an April 2016 Quality compliance audit by de Poel, Match Options scored 100% mark result.These audits ensure that only Trained,skilled and experienced Nursing and care staff are placed within the wide network of clients covered by dePoel as a neutral vendor.“No issues with clean passes!” is what is summarised in the audit report issued by the dePoel Auditor.

de Poel is a UK leading expert in the use of temporary labour. They have more than a decade of experience in helping clients realise the financial benefits of outsourcing their non-permanent staffing requirements.

de Poel actively and rigorously audits its supplying temporary work agencies against legislative compliance, including compliance with the modern Slavery Act, and identifies any legislative non-compliance to its clients.

Match Options are happy for the continued achieving of the high scores in these audits year after year.

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