Published: 10/08/2016

Match Options awarded a place on NHS National Clinical

Staffing Framework

Match Options has been awarded a place on the new National Clinical Staffing
Framework for the NHS.

Being awarded a place on Lot1 and 2 of the National Clinical Staffing Framework,
developed for the NHS by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, means that Match Options
can supply temporary staff and permanent staff to clinical positions in the NHS.

Match Options successfully underwent an independent audit of our services and met the
criteria for providing qualified clinical staff who can give high quality
patient care at rates within the pay caps set by the government. These pay caps
have been introduced to help the NHS control spiralling agency staffing costs.

Match Options Managing director,Purity Kirigo said “We are delighted to have been
awarded a place on the National Clinical Staffing Framework. We understand the
challenges being faced by the NHS and are keen to help the NHS to provide
quality patient care.”

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership is a collaboration of four NHS
procurement hubs - NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial
Procurement Collaborative, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub
and NHS London Procurement Partnership

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