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**Berkshire NHS Community Dental Service**

We are seeking to engage locum Dental Nurses at band 4. There are various clinics across Berkshire, with shifts 7 days/week – with Fridays being a day with increased demand for temporary staffing.
**RESPONSIBLE TO**: Senior clinician and/or Senior Dental Nurse at location, Berkshire Community Dental Service.
**HOURS**: 37.5 per week (if full-time), or part-time subject to negotiation. There is some scope for flexibility, in the light of the overall requirements for the service, and an individual working schedule is agreed with each dental nurse.
**GRADE**: Dental Nurse Band 4

**Location**: Variable clinics and sites within Berkshire

**Reports to**: Senior clinician at location

Accountable and Responsible to: Head of Service

Berkshire Community Dental Service provides high quality dental care for a wide spectrum of people who are unable to access care in general dental practice. The care is provided in a variety of settings including dental clinics, mobile dental units, schools and day centres, Dental Access Centres, prisons, remand centres and other secure establishments and hospitals. Domiciliary care is also provided in care, residential and nursing homes and private residences. The service also provides Oral Health Promotion and epidemiology.


The dental nurse will fulfil duties within the Community Dental Service. The dental nurse will discharge responsibilities and undertake duties necessary for the proper fulfilment of service contract(s) into which the Trust has entered. These will cover the main areas set out below, but may be modified as necessitated by the service agreements or service contracts then in operation.

To assist in the provision of high quality primary clinical dental care for child and adult patients with special needs who fulfil the criteria for referral and treatment within the service and who cannot be accommodated by a General Dental Practitioner.

The care includes the full range of restorative and preventive NHS treatments from clinics, dental mobiles, other health care establishments, schools and day centres, prisons, remand centres and other secure establishments and on a domiciliary basis where appropriate.

This may involve treatment under sedation or general anaesthetic utilising personal skills and training or working with appropriately trained others to provide such care.

The dental nurse may be required to participate in health promotion, screening, dental epidemiological surveys and work with undergraduate or postgraduate dental trainees and professionals complimentary to dentistry.

To take part in the Berkshire Dental Access Centre scheme and provide primary dental care for patients not registered or unable to receive emergency care with a General Dental Practitioner under NHS arrangements. This service includes the following elements:
(1) Examination and first line treatment to palliate and control any immediate signs and symptoms;
(2) Assessment of each patient as to whether further treatment is indicated, and if so in which healthcare settings, according to agreed criteria, it should be carried out. This may include the Dental Access Centre, the General Dental Service the Community Dental Service, General Medical Practice or hospital.

The dental nurse, who will be registered with the General Dental Council, will expected to work with all patients who receive care in the service and to perform all duties expected of dental nurses within the clinical governance agenda. Additional training will be provided where necessary to enable the dental nurse to meet the needs of the service. The post holder will need Criminal Records Bureau clearance and will have to undertake further security clearance before working in a high security facility.

The dental nurse will actively participate in clinical governance, audit, training programmes and professional development to improve and maintain the quality of service provision.

These duties are subject to change depending on the needs of the service and the post holder will be expected to be flexible about the places and times of working, within the agreed overall number of hours, to ensure that a clinical service is maintained at designated periods both within and outside normal working hours on both weekdays and at weekends.

• - Heads of Service
• Clinicians including dentists, trainees and dental therapists
• Senior dental nurses, dental nurses and administrative staff with whom there is day-to-day contact
• Dental administrative staff
• Oral health promotion team
• Other health professionals (GPs, school nurses, health visitors)
• Other health centre staff, the facilities department

• - Patients, parents, carers and guardians
• Education establishments, day centres for adults and children with special needs, social service departments
• - Outside general dental practitioners,
• Health professionals in hospitals and prisons
• Medical practitioners
• Dental laboratories, dental material suppliers and manufacturers.


• - Members of the community service, hospital dental staff, general dental practitioners, general medical practitioners and other NHS personnel, and local authority staff (including education and social services)
• Patients, their carers and relatives, members of the public and of welfare and other relevant organisations.


Clinical/ Professional

- • To provide comprehensive support to clinicians, throughout a wide range of different types of clinical treatments.
• To provide clinical support as described above within a wide range of settings - including fixed sites and clinics, mobile dental clinics, and other environments which include patients’ homes, residential care and nursing homes, prisons, hospices and hospitals.
• To provide clinical support to sedation clinics - additional training will be provided if necessary.
• To provide clinical support at general anaesthetic sessions - additional training will be provided if necessary.
• To provide support to dental trainees and students working within the service.
• To support all patients as they undergo dental treatment responding to individual patient’s needs, understanding how they may be affected by dental experiences.
• To set up and prepare the dental surgery, theatre or mobile dental unit for use at the beginning of the session and ensure that it is left as defined by the control of infection guidelines at the end of the day.
• To set up a temporary clinical environment in a range of less than ideal outreach settings, sufficient to guarantee a minimal level of cross-infection control in which dentists can operate safely on patients.
• To ensure that the correct clean instruments and equipment, x-rays, record card and electronic records are available to the clinician prior to treatment.
• To prepare and monitor patients for and during their dental treatment providing pre- and post-operative instruction where needed.
• To assist and support the clinician with his/her clinical duties, operative procedures, instructions and offering emotional support to patients and medically compromised patients.
• To ensure accurate preparation and presentation of materials and medicaments.
• To ensure the laboratory is contacted and all relevant work is present when patient arrives.
• To assist with dental radiography under the supervision of an operator, process dental x-rays following the Quality Assurance Policy.
• Undertake the decontamination of dental instruments complying with the guidelines contained in the control of infection policy to ensure patient safety.
• To undertake the general care of the surgery and dental department, including routine minor maintenance of dental equipment and instruments and provide regular equipment inventories.
• Follow local rules, on the control of infection, radiography and waste disposal.
• To ensure adequate stock are maintained and ordered and that material has not expired using a rotational system.
• Prepare for and assist in RA sedation.
• To anticipate the needs of the clinician during all clinical procedures.
• To ensure that emergency medical drugs and equipment are available, in full working order and not expired. To fulfil mandatory CPR.
• Participation in induction programme for new starters within the Community Dental Service and Trust.
• Generally contributing to the administration and smooth running of the dental service.
• Maintain and update patients’ records within an efficient filing system, where required, and maintain data protection. Knowledge of archiving systems for each clinic. Collection of routine statistics, using computer system if in place.
• To use the information technology equipment to update patient records and diary management sheets as is required for the smooth running of the department.
• Complete data for ethnic monitoring, where required.
• To arrange appointments using dental knowledge to assess patient needs and allow appropriate time required for the clinician. Utilising interpersonal skills to determine their clinical need and prioritise their booking.
• Ability to receive complex and sensitive information from parents / carers and other clinical resources in relation to patients who have special needs, are medically compromised or have a communication barrier. To understand and maintain principles of confidentiality.
• Receive and record transactions involving patient’s fees and banking money following the cash handling policy, as required. Ensure that all outstanding accounts are sent and money is received by generating reports and inputting patient payments into electronic records.
• To monitor the levels of stationery and order, as required.
• To receive and advise expected and unexpected callers in person or on the telephone.
• Distribute and collect posts internally, where required, and to send and record of external post.
• To follow procedures laid down in the cash handling policy to ensure security of cash.
• Where required, be responsible for the ordering and stock control of postage stamps in line with the Trust’s policy.


- • To take appropriate responsibility, where necessary, to ensure the Trust’s corporate strategies and objectives are achieved and contribute to the smooth running of the dental service.
- • To have access to personal transport to visit all areas within the Trust.
• To work alone at clinics as and when required.
• To provide and maintain excellent customer care standards, assessing and understanding the needs of patients to assist with form completion, booking an interpreter, liaising with key workers and other health professionals.
• To undertake other duties to meet the changing needs and priorities of the Community Dental Service, as determined by your manager and in accordance with the grade of the post.
• To maintain and extend a good working up-to-date knowledge of dental procedures and to identify areas of personal development to ensure high standards are achieved.

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